Sunday, August 06, 2006


Today I raced the RFK crit. I had never done the race before. It was a pretty cool course and Hub did a great job of putting it on. It was a 1.7 mile course with a fair amount of turns, but nothing too technical due to the fact that it was on a very wide stock car track. I did the cat. 4 race and I was really nervous since it was going to be my first cat. 4 race. Also, I had been sick because of the heat all week and was debating whether to start or not. I decided to start and was shocked that the pace wasn't that bad. I pretty much just sat in the field until five to go when I started coughing and decided to pull out. I don't like pulling out of races but I really want to kill this cold before Christiana and staying in the race would've of prolonged it. I saw Mark Kerlin out today. Apparently he has been training (see so people really should be looking out. I didn't see him doing much heavy hitting, but he's beating Mike Esmonde in the BAR so that is pretty cool.


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