Friday, September 01, 2006


This is just to keep Kate from getting so upset. I've decided to compile a report from the Tour of Christiana. It was a race in Christiana Pa, a typical wanna be stage race (3 stages over 2 days). There was a RR on Saturday. The course had rolling hills with one decisive climb in the middle of the lap, steep and decent length. I was excited doing just my 2nd cat 4 race. I felt fine on the rollers and was working on moving up in the pack when we hit the climb. I thought I was a climbing beast and took the first time up the climb to move up. I moved up about fifteen spots on the first two thirds of the climb. On the last third of the climb I found out everyone else was a climbing beast as me and the bottom third of the pack got totally dropped. I rode most of the remaining four laps alone just wanting to finish so I could race the next day. They had me ranked as 47th in the RR I'm not sure thats right. The next day was a TT in the morning Crit in the afternoon. The TT was gay but that made sense since I'm gay at TT. I was frustrated for leaving my only piece of aero gear at home. And I did a really lame warm up which pretty much consisted of rolling around and checking out everyones sweet TT gear. I felt pretty cold when I first started (possibly due to lack of warmup) but after the first few miles started rolling a little bit better. I rolled in with a time that gave me not last place so that was cool. The next event was the Crit. After I figured out the course I decided it was a total BAMF of a course (but unfortunately I wasn't BAMF enough for it). 80 of the 100 people that started the stage race started the crit. The course had a really steep but short hill on the S/F and then a little power roller after that and then went downhill through a series of turns and that was it. The promoter had us doing 8 miles, I was pissed. With the race being so short it absolutely took off and did not come down. I was full out first time up the hill. When we went up the hill the next two times the pack was totally strung out and I was fully exerting myself just to stay on the wheel in front of me. The fourth time up the S/F hill I hit the wall and proceeded to drop about thirty spots and off the back of the pack. It was a rather lame way for me to end the race, but it was all I could do. So it was a pretty cool race.


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