Saturday, October 07, 2006

From Disc Wheels to Crashing Deals

I am reporting in about the Bobby Philip's Turkey Day race. All in all it was an awesome race. The juniors race was not a BAMF race. I didn't get clipped for like half of the lap. I then caught up and was all right for a little. Then after owning for a little while I got bored and decided to get dropped. I'm not sure what place I got. Zack got 6th it was pretty BAMF. I then retired to some spectating to rest up for my cat. 4 race later in the day. I saw the HPC girls attempt to throw it down in the cat. 4 race. Then I saw the masters race which was tight. Mark Kerlin rolled up to the line with the disc wheel which is total BAMF wish I was cool enough to draft a wheel in a pack with a disc wheel. Later in the masters race mediocre beast Mike Stearns put in a beast attack which apparently triggered a crash. I quote Evan Fader when I say, "the Coppi's need to work on the crash percentage." Kerlin got stuck behind the crash but obviously didn't have the correct equipment to TT back on. In the 3/4 Zack threw down and it was all good while Kerlin did some more pack surfing with his disc wheel. After this the HPC girls threw down once again in the Womens Open with BAMF's Heidi Goldberg and Jenette Williams coming in for the 1-2 finish. In the Cat. 4 race I threw down taking a prime and owning. In the 1/2/3 Evan killed it for the win. He was off the front multiple times and still came up with the goods for the field sprint.


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