Tuesday, August 08, 2006

M Street Step Up

I love M Street Racing's blog. It is very funny and generally well thought out. I also appreciate that they rip on everyone not just one person in particular. Although, I do feel their volume has been a bit low lately. Evan Fader was quoted as saying, "I am tired of going to their blog and repeatedly being disappointed. Maybe your blog will fill the void." If a beast such as Evan feels this way than it must be true. Also, I am honored to be acknoledged as a possible void filler by the mighty Evan Fader.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Today I raced the RFK crit. I had never done the race before. It was a pretty cool course and Hub did a great job of putting it on. It was a 1.7 mile course with a fair amount of turns, but nothing too technical due to the fact that it was on a very wide stock car track. I did the cat. 4 race and I was really nervous since it was going to be my first cat. 4 race. Also, I had been sick because of the heat all week and was debating whether to start or not. I decided to start and was shocked that the pace wasn't that bad. I pretty much just sat in the field until five to go when I started coughing and decided to pull out. I don't like pulling out of races but I really want to kill this cold before Christiana and staying in the race would've of prolonged it. I saw Mark Kerlin out today. Apparently he has been training (see flythebike.blogspot.com) so people really should be looking out. I didn't see him doing much heavy hitting, but he's beating Mike Esmonde in the BAR so that is pretty cool.

The Virgin Post

This is my first blogspot post. This isn't really anything important it is just to make sure everything is working.